Fighting for progressive solutions.

I am fighting for progressive solutions that will bring the Attorney General’s office back to the people it was created to represent.

Standing up to the powerful interests.

As Attorney General I will stand up to the big banks, corporations, and President Trump. We must follow the model of New York and make corporate crime and malfeasance our priority.

Criminal justice reform.

I will be a strong advocate who will fight for real criminal justice reform. My entire career has been in criminal justice and civil rights. We must end the drug war, mass incarceration, and the cash bail system. I will be a strong advocate for police reform. We must have a federal monitor of the Chicago Police Department and I will advocate that the community have enforcement power if a consent decree were ordered.

Holding politicians accountable.

We have done nothing to address the corruption that goes on everyday so that we can restore the faith back into our political process. As Attorney General I will advocate that the office has more power to prosecute government corruption and will investigate any allegations of government corruption and work with local and federal prosecutors to stop corruption.

Protecting the environment.

Clean water and air should never be in question. President Trump and his EPA is looking the other way in letting corporate polluters destroy our natural resources. I will fight any company that pollutes our precious natural resources and endangers our state. I will also be a strong advocate to come up with creative ways to fight climate change before it’s too late.

Protecting the rights of women.

We must stop the scourge of sexual harassment that has gone on too long. I will investigate any claims of sexual harassment occurring in government. I will advocate for equal pay for women and go after any discrimination against women. I will ensure that proper funding for victim’s groups are maintained and that we ensure we fight to end violence against women.

Protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community.

The LGBTQ community wants to live their life free of discrimination, just as anyone else. Discrimination against the LGBTQ community will not be tolerated and will be addressed when I become Attorney General. Whether in the criminal justice system, in education or health care, I will ensure that we address discrimination against the LGBTQ community and protect the civil rights protections we all have.

Equality in Education.

I will fight for education equality, so our children and teachers have all the resources they need to get the education they deserve. Many school systems need more funding, but we must also ensure that money for schools are not being wasted.

Workers’ rights.

I am pro Union and will fight against “Right to Work” and the attack on labor. When the misguided pension bill was passed I was a vocal opponent against it. As Attorney General I will advocate that the legislature pass a constitutional and fair pension reform.

Immigrants’ Rights.

We will defend our immigrant community who come to this country and state for a better life and to be productive members of our community. I will fight against discrimination and mistreatment against immigrants. I will stand up against the federal government when they try to use our state resources to go after immigrants in our state.

Gun Violence.

As Attorney General, I will stand up to the NRA and hold them and gun manufacturers accountable for their role in the flood of guns that are besieging our communities.

Racial Justice.

Our country and state have a sad history of racism that still lives with us today. As Attorney General, I will form a racial justice division within the office that will specifically look at ways to end all forms of racial discrimination and move toward a more just society.


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